Monday, October 4, 2010


Last year, we planned to have some friends over for a hearty dinner before heading out to Oktoberfest. Our plan was to somehow build a German pizza to get us all jazzed up for the evening's festivities. We started out not really knowing how we'd do this, but we were armed with brats and kraut and lots of mustard.

Everyone added a little twist to our original idea and soon our kitchen was fill of steam and people cooking. We made a giant soft pretzel crust, topped with brats, a mustard cream and kraut on the side. When we sat down to eat, we enjoyed the most amazing pizza ever.

So, this year, we replicated the pizza. With a few updates, it was even better than the original - crispy crust and melty swiss with mustard.

And, for our second Oktoberfeast, we added an appetizer - German eggrolls.

We made some schnitzel (pounded and breaded pork with sage leaves) and rolled it up with apple, kraut, eggs and capers. I know that sounds really gross, but the sauerkraut mellowed out and it was super awesome.

Next year - the pressure is on to add another great course. Any ideas?

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