Thursday, October 14, 2010

Basement Boogie: Bright Ideas

Lighting is one thing we won't be messing with in this re-do. Our ceiling is finished and has some pot lights scattered about and it works. But we need to brighten things up a bit. I was thinking along the lines of table lamps and maybe a rad modern floor lamp.

But then, I saw this:

I love the lighted shelves! I wonder if we could recreate them. I'm thinking frame out the wall, have an electrician install florescents and pop up a diffuser? This could also look majorly sloppy.

Better ideas?

P.S. I'm hanging up my weekly One Thing Thursday hat. I've given you the run down on 33 exotic locales, from the land down under to long Midwestern drives and I'm about tapped out. I still have a few fun hold-outs (Amsterdam, anyone? How about Sydney? How about Bar-the-lona? In time, babycakes.), but they won't be coming each week anymore. Stick around, though, travel junkies - I'll get atcha.


  1. You could conside utilizing halogen under-cabinet lighting and utilizing wider moldings on the face of the bookcase to hide them. I like the clean light that halogen gives out.

  2. That's a lot of basement headroom! This might be difficult to pull off without all that natural light. You could end up with something that looks more like a lighted aquarium on a shelf. Basement remodels are usually a poor investment in equity...

  3. Thanks, Anonymous #2. As a certified HGTV junkie, I know basements aren't the cash cows that kitchens and baths are, but we figured that since we bought the home with a finished basement and it is appraised as such, to leave it unfinished would cost us in the long run.

    If we drop the cash now, we'll be able to sell it with a finished basement (years from now, of course) plus get to enjoy a totally rad basement for parties and movies, instead of a creepy, subterranean roller rink.


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