Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Basement Boogie: Belated Befores

Y'all shoulda stopped me. Here I was, rattling on and on about paint chips and bars and mold remediation when you kind readers wouldn't know my basement if it came up and smacked you on the heinie (it probably wouldn't do that, even if it had hands. It's more of a water balloon ambusher.).

So, I have some very graphic "during" pictures, complete with sad faces, sogginess, and terrifying piles of carpet. While these would be a more accurate "before," I can't stomach looking at those pictures. Those were dark, dark days, spent mostly crying and cussing and being (gasp!) melodramatic and wet and stinking like wet carpet pad. So, here are some pictures that don't give me panic attacks that I sent my people right after we moved in. These will be our befores and I guarantee the difference will still leave your head spinning (at least, I hope).

This is was the bar/fireplace room. It is long and skinny and would make a great bowling alley. The bar will be moved to the wall on the left in our new (and improved!) basement.
This is the other end of the same room. We had (and will have) a couch and TV on this side. It's just so cozy to watch a movie and have a fire going.
The carpet (may it rest in peace) was brown berber and the paint was a weird brownish purple, which matched a nail polish I wore on our wedding day, but just wasn't meant for walls. 

There is also another room, the one you're in when you first come down the stairs. It's long and skinny in the opposite direction and is home to our guest bed, cat litter box (we're great hosts, can you tell?) and fooseball table.

That's the basement as it was not too long ago. Sigh.

Back to the bright side, sunshine!

Do you see the basement as it will be? Are you hip to the vision?

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  1. Oh, now it all makes sense! ha

    We light up our wood burning fireplace in the living room almost daily in the winter. We also have one in the basement, but it gets water sometimes and will not be redone in our lifetime!


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