Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with logic

I am not a woman who gets her jollies paying for things that can be free. Case in point - radio jams.

I am a woman who has spent most of the last month rolling in rental vehicles equipped with fancy-pantsy satellite radio.

I am not a woman with impressive tastes in music. Evidence - ownership of several Good Charlotte CDs, multiple tweets about the flyness of Mambo No. Five and genuine excitement about the Electric Slide at weddings.


I am a woman who has spent most of the last month blasting the 90s on 9, a station otherwise unavailable to a cheapskate like myself. Results - shameless car-dancing to Ricky Martin hits, elevated mood, possible reputation around town as tone deaf blonde with limb control problems. 

I am also a woman who is committed to bringing back the phrase "just joshin'." (Seriously, I read that somewhere there other day and spit Cranergy out all over my keyboard. I'm not joshin'.)

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