Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bummy Burners

Back in January 2009, when Hubs and I were walking through this house for the very first time, we stood in the kitchen and had this conversation:

Hubs, voice heavy with disappointment: "Oh, it's not a gas stove."
Me, taking a cue from many an episode of House Hunters: "No, but that's something we can switch out real easy."

Oh, silly old-time Alexson! You didn't know that a million other projects would pop up before you got around to this one.

Here's what we've been cooking on for the past year and a half-ish:

Gag, y'all. (I mean, it's listed on Craigslist and you totally want it. You're getting slee-eeepy. Look at the swinging watch. Buy. The. Stove.)

It's original to our 1955 house and you can see the avocado finish that once was, before it was spray painted (I. Know.). Of course, the paint has seen better days, as evidenced here:
The paint, though, isn't the worst part. The knobs just don't make sense. Warm - low - 3 - 2 - high? What the heck, GE? Now you tell me how a gal's supposed to get her queso properly melty with a crazymixedup set-up like this. Is 2 hotter than 3? That is just bananas.
This is why, in true Bigger, Better, Best style, we decided to call up a plumber (who is also loyal reader Stormy's husband!) to hook up a gas stove. We figured that as long as the basement is torn up and we're stimulating the heck out of the local economy, why not throw one more project on top? Bigger, better best fo' life, kids.

I found a pretty sweet gas stovetop on Craigslist for a steal over the summer - it will be quite the upgrade!

Fun fact: This might be the most practical project we've done to date!

Can't wait to show you the finished project. We were missing a small but important piece that should be here soon. Then, it's on, yo.


  1. Glad Abe could help!! We're about to embark on a big redesign ourselves - master bedroom, here we come!

  2. Dude, that stove was crazyballs. So glad you are over it! Can we see the new one now?

  3. Haha those controls are hilarious. I think the stove would actually look pretty cool with the original avocado color. If it doesn't sell, you should strip the paint (as if you have time) and put a big fat "VINTAGE" in the headline. It'll be gone in no time!

    When I put my new stove in (gas all the way) I also ran a big fat cord for an electric stove over there too, in case future buyers for some godforsaken reason aren't fans of gas. I'm prepared!

  4. When we redid our kitchen, we also went with a gas cooktop - still electric for the ovens, though. And also have the option to switch back out to the Electric cooktop if any crazy person would want that. Gas is so much better! Great job!


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