Friday, October 1, 2010

Deckstravaganza: Grand Finale!

Ladies and gentleman, the project we started waaay back on April 16, when we were young and naive and had not yet updated our tetanus shots or experienced the agony of spending 18 hours a day hunched on the ground on our hands and knees, is complete.

Behold the big reveal:

Oh, you're thinking, that's it? It looks pretty similar to the original big reveal, you think.

Well, yeah, it does. We used clear stain/sealant. But wouldn't you say it now looks safer from the elements? More loved? Maybe a bit more polished? It's subtle, but it's there. Nothing says love quite like the ability to now bead water, yes?

And so, we close the book on the epic journey that has been Deckstravaganza. Thank you to each and every one of you, my four readers, for your support for my mental fragility during this trying time. I'd advise you that when building your own deck (and you totally should - our blood, sweat and tears saved us a cool $5Gs at least), that you do as we did and charge fearlessly into that dark night, buy local and have plenty of cold beers in the fridge for once the sun goes down. Also, invest in some kneepads.

Slainte, baby!

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  1. Very nice! That reminds me, we need to put more sand in between the pavers in our patio before the ground freezes. Ah, maintenance.


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