Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pregnant in Paint Clothes

While Hubs was dutifully demo-ing and rebuilding the bathroom, I was in the next room over, getting the baby room all ready for some artistry. I wore my respirator and cracked the windows (despite seriously freezing temps), plus took breaks after each wall to keep baby seven kinds of safe. 

This second picture shows the true color much better than the first. It's Behr's Natural Gray. In dimmer lights, it seems a little purple-y, but once we get some art on the walls and furniture in, it should be less noticeable. But, if we're being honest here, I love the purpleness and don't think it will be much of a problem because I'm pretty sure real man-babies lives in sorta purple rooms.

With the walls gray and the trim nice and white, it was time for me to tap into my inner artiste. Long-time readers may remember our wedding logo, which I plastered on everything like the good little branding nerd that I am. That same logo is being revived in mural form for the kiddo's room. The one change? Obviously, we're adding a third bird to the mix, which means homeslice is about to freestyle and leave the safe confines of tracing. 

I borrowed a projector, traced out the swirly swoops of the tree branches, moved and resized the birds and then, took a big deep breath and got to painting.

The first few swipes were terrifying. I'm not a gal known for my artistic prowess, but here I was, doing my best to not eff up my first-born's room.

(Side note: Isn't the best part of Christmas break NEVER wearing real pants? I went jeans-free for nine full days, minus a short break to meet Brittney and her dudes for brunch.)

The whole tracing and first coat took me just about two-hours and was fueled by one decaf frappucino and the Nappy Roots station on Pandora. Stay tuned for the reveal of the full tree in all her majestic glory. This single act of semi-art is also sure to leave me in a puddle of tears when the time comes to sell this little spit of land, though I think if I can get enough traction on Pinterest, it may add value. Right? That's a valid sales strategy, isn't it?

Spoiler alert: I amazed myself and this mural is the bomb dot com, y'all. Once the baby sees this, he's going to expect a much higher level of craft-i-tude than I normally posses.


  1. It looks SO GOOD!! Bless your sentimental little heart! I was just waiting to see the sentence "It reads more as a purple-y grey". Ha! Also, have you caved and found out you're having a boy?

  2. I haven't caved! Baby's parts are still a mystery, but I like to use real pronouns for practice.


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