Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A birthday interlude

Every year, I try to get crazy in the kitchen for Hubs birthday. You've seen me try my hand at cinnamon rolls, eggs benedict and key lime cake with wildly unpredictable rates of success. Nevertheless, on the docket for the mister's 28th was a variation on his favorite dessert - tiramisu in cupcake form!

(I once tried making Hubs real tiramisu back before I had a kitchen you could fit two people in and it was a horrible, horrible mistake. It tastes like cheap booze layered with unflavored gelatin. And the sweetheart still ate half the dish. Hubs clearly loves tiramisu so much, he can't even hate on sad versions.)

This experiment in cupcakery was really not too bad. I followed the directions (which is typically where I go wrong with these things) and am pleased to report that we enjoyed 18 of these little beauties, which taste just as good as they look! Seriously, try them for yourself.

I am now 1-1 in the birthday dessert department. I sense the beginning of a streak here, people.

Other ways to celebrate your husband's final non-dad birthday:

Presents, duh. Hubs got a new kitchen faucet and two ridiculously fat beer books.

Dinner at Baru 66 (which, while divine, was lacking a little in the vino department for me thanks to the bambino en borde. Sad times!).

Beatles Brunch at Cafe di Scala (it was our first time hitting up this monthly event and Oh. Holy. Cakes. The chicken and waffles made me want to melt into a puddle right at my seat. So amazing. I also had a virgin bloody mary with the house-made mix, which was fresh and bright).

Massages at East Village Spa (a new birthday tradition! Any excuse to take a little snooze on those fun beds).

Buy a Super Coat. Someone ruined her husband's winter coat in the wash and so we hit Eddie Bauer where this "little" guy was 60% off. Hubs can now trek comfortably in -40 degree climes and sleep well knowing he paid just $165 for the privilege.

Hooray for birthdays!

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