Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bathroom Bump-Up: That weird, mostly-done stage

Every project hits this point. The big changes are done and all that's left is a bunch of piddly mini-projects that will take more time than you realize but no one will notice. I personally guarantee that no one has ever walked into a freshly renovated bathroom and first admired the grout-sealing job, for example. Unless that person was a grout-sealant salesperson.

But, it's all the little things you have to do, like seal grout, touch up trim, putty over nail holes and bust out the painter's caulk (which! Fixes everything! Gap in the trim? Ugly plaster to tile seam? Painter's caulk that bizzo!).

We do have three big, fun things left to do:

  1. Hang the mirror (we have to caulk the trim first and we've been hunting down some seriously secure hanging doo-dads for it. It's a 15lb framed mirror and so we want to make sure no little curious hands (or wandering cat butts) can knock it down and require us to spend a perfectly good Saturday in the ER - I'll share how we secure it in case anyone else is looking to do the same).
  2. Scrape and re-grout the shower. We left this until last because, frankly, it's going to suck. There are a lot of grout lines to scrape (previous DIYers failed to seal the grout, so it is NASTY like whoa), but the regrouting shouldn't be horrible.
  3. Shopping! I think I'll do a TJ Maxx shopping spree this weekend for:
    • Window dressing (the glass is frosted, but a valance or roman shade would look nice)
    • New shower curtain (because what was I thinking with that thing?) 
    • Rug
    • Soap dispenser
    • Shelves for above the toilet
    • Fancy, spa-like knick-knacks for those shelves
    • Curved shower curtain rod
What's your least favorite part of the project? This is definitely at the bottom of my list, right before priming but after paying for all this junk.

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  1. I actually really like your shower curtain! Our bathroom is in need of a makeover and I've just left it the beige walls, beige 4x4 tiled walls/shower and gross floor for going on 2 years. I just threw a white shower curtain in to not call attention to anything in the room. I want something like yours but feel that if I buy a new curtain, that will turn into what you're dealing with now - a remodel!

    And I'm still working on the finishing touches in our kitchen...that we finished about 8 months ago. Ugh. Luckily, no one notices any of those little things though!


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