Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby blizzard

All has been seemingly quiet on the Bigger, Better, Best front for a few weeks. We ditched the never-ending horror that is living among three in-progress re-dos and headed east then south for some baby shower action.

First up, was a brunch soiree in Chicago. Hubs' mom went all out, decorating each table with a different kids' book, which was adorable.
I parked myself at the Curious George table, mostly because the candy favors there were runts and if there is one thing I love, it's sugar shaped like fruit. Sneaky candy!

There was also a Pete the Cat table, in homage to our crazy cat person-ness.

Can't beat a classic - Goodnight, Moon.

And Berenstein Bears!

My parents came out for the bash, too. I donned the belt to keep up my end of the bargain of being the most pregnant lady at the party.

We played pinned the pacifier on the baby and each person had to choose a pink or blue blindfold based on what they think baby is going to be. The girl votes edged out, but only by one vote.

Next up was St Louis, where the greatest appetizer ever:

 A giant soft pretzel heralding the impending arrival of my first-born. Seriously perfect.

The crowd went wild while we opened presents.

Can't you just hear us going "Oooooo!" as we opened this card saying a bike trailer was on it's way to our place? Psyched to cart around that little homie!

And my dad went for the gold and gave Hubs the shirt he wore the day I was born. He even wrote a classic Papa BBB poem to immortalize the moment. Want to make a pregnant lady cry? This is how you do it.

What dries happy tears better than hot chocolate? I enjoyed the basic version while most other guests spiked theirs with tons of fun add-ins. 

The whole BBB clan. Holla!

Of course, in addition to hanging out with our nearest and dearest, we accumulated a hell of a lot of baby gear. Now that the room is nearly ready, it's time to organize and decorate. Get excited!

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