Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life in a house with three projects in process

Fun Fact: Somehow, watching this video is a really distinct childhood memory for me (which is weird because we didn't have cable, so no MTV for me as a 3 year old). I remember being equal parts terrified and fascinated by the puppets.

Anyway, "Land of Confusion" really sums up how it feels to be three-projects deep (baby room, bathroom and now home office).

Because we're refinishing the baby's floor, using some yuck-o primers and adhesive, I walk around like this a lot.

My living room is piled with baby furniture (though the crib is still hidden in the basement).

The dining room is the staging area for all the tools.

Notes, reminders and other can't-miss items live on the dining room table.

Replacement items (towel bar, shelves and a fan for the kiddo's room) hang out next to the toilet brush. In my living room. Gag. Assorted junk is squirreled away under the coffee table.

Baby shower presents have started to roll in (yay!), but they have no home until the floors are done.

And finally, the worst part - because we're always sanding or scraping something down (it seems), there is a constant layer of dust on everything that I really see no sense in taking care of until the dust-creating activities are done.


It's not too bad, but after about three weeks of this, I've got to admit, I feel a little cramped. Hopefully, these nesting instincts I've heard so much about will really inspire me to do a deep clean once the projects are done!

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  1. Just think of the end when it's all complete and pretty! That's what I've been telling my mom as they move through many, many projects at their house.


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