Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OD on Overstock

I am not a shopper with patience. I like zipping in, getting exactly what I need and then zipping out. No dilly-dallying, no hunting through racks and racks of junk, no sale-hopping - just efficient purchasing. 

I see all you guys with your amazingly cheap designer dresses and super adorable thrift store finds and yes, I get a little jealous. But not jealous enough to actually shop like you. 

For me, the best part of shopping is going out to lunch.

Anyway, my aversion to real-life deal hunting has led to a greater problem. I'm addicted to (Which, for the record, I would have never thought possible. Those "O" commercials of years past had me cringing just like the rest of you.) 

And I mean addicted. I browse it during lunch breaks, I flip through it on my phone during commercials of Teen Mom 2, I scroll its bountiful inventory every chance I get.

Overstock is like TJ Maxx in that it has everything and all that stuff is really cheap. Unlike the brick and mortar deal houses, though, I can plug in exactly what I need and be done. I realize this has been the case since the advent of online shopping, but I'm just now catching up.

Here's my latest find:

Sorry for the bad lighting and rumpled bed. Phone camera + hyper cats makes for ugly pictures, but you get where I'm going with this.

Yep. We went floor-to-ceiling for our new curtains! It's a pretty dramatic shift (and we rearranged the furniture since last week for a mini-makeover) from our cheap blinds, but I love it! 

What's your favorite spot for online deals? 


  1. Seems strange to me to put your bed in front of those huge windows. Just saying...

  2. It's a strange room. Windows take up three walls and the fourth is dominated by the closet and door. It only leaves a few options for the layout :)


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