Thursday, March 17, 2011

Basement Boogie: Beans have been spilled

We put in these built-ins a few weeks ago, but I just realized I forgot to show them off!

They are just 1/2 inch plywood, but we're going to trim them out with hardwood. That way, no one will ever need to know my cheap dark secret (like what I did there?).

The bottom half will get doors eventually and they'll be painted white, like all the trim in the room.

Why'd we do these?

Because there is a duct that runs in the six inches or so above them and frankly, building a soffit is a lot of work. Another secret, just between you and me, right?

P.S. Happy St. Paddy's Day, y'all! I'm all revved up and ready to hit the parade downtown, but tonight I'll be pulling my usual I-hate-St.-Pat's-crowds routine and heading off to a bar without a tent party. Fact: I'm not old, I've been anti-tent party since I turned 21. There's just nothing fun about throngs of morons and flimsy plastic cups of bad beer. You can find me in a luxurious booth at any old bar, enjoying a cool and foamy Murphy's, like a good Irish girl oughta.

P.P.S. We're curing our concrete countertop right now and once we've got it in place, Hubs promised to write up a little step-by-step how-to for you guys. It's going to look awesome.

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  1. I like the book case, i'm sure you'll find lots of stuff to put in there. lol


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