Monday, March 21, 2011

Basement Boogie: Surprise

This weekend, we busted our buns to get the whole basement painted. We had bought the paint during a big sale back in January and in our heads, we were going for a soft blue, a golden accent wall and a warm brown bar. It'd look very classic.

What we saw when we started rolling on paint was NOT what we remembered. A bold turquoise, what Hubs deemed "Kidney Failure Yellow" and a warm brown bar.

I don't know what happened. Either I was wasted the Sunday morning we went to buy paint or the Home Depot employers pulled an elaborate hoax, resulting in me owning seven gallons of fugly paint.

Thanks to extreme exhaustion, I was unable to hyperventilate and we rolled on a second coat. The second coat toned down the turquoise to a more calming level, but the yellow over the fireplace was horrible. Hubs suggested we try putting the brown over the fireplace since it was the one color we actually remembered buying and with the brown bar on the opposite side of the room from the fireplace, it might help balance things.

Here's what we have right now. I'm going to put some white trim up about four inches in on all sides of the top of the fireplace so it isn't such a stark difference. 

Frankly, I love the colors now and I got a full eight hours of sleep last night, so I can really trust this color love. I know people usually use terms like "spa-like" for bathrooms, but this basement is totally spa-like and aside from the tiny basement windows, not basement-y at all.

It says, "Hey, I know it's a little awkward that I'm not beige and my walls aren't covered with sports memorabilia, but dude, this ain't no man cave. I'm a basement and I look good. Hey, everybody! Come see how good-looking I am!"

Yep. My basement is Zoolander.

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm diggin the blue walls--well done Alexson!

  2. I actually love brown with blue, good combination.

  3. Very pretty colors, a second coat always makes it look so much better.

  4. So much progress!!! Looking good lady, looking real good!

  5. I like it! And thanks for the basement window referal. They are ordered & will be installed in a few weeks!


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