Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Basement Boogie: A plague on our house

We are DIY soldiers of the toughest variety. 

Despite a terrible tango with a flu bug, Hubs and I preserved this past weekend.

Exhibit One: Stair refacing

Behold, a butt-ugly before:
And an appealing after:
 Hubs gave new life to our beat-up, lino-riddled stairs in an afternoon. Ten points for Hubs!

Exhibit Two: Window boxes

We needed to frame out the window indents so they would look finished and polished. Because drywalling sucks  wasn't what we had in mind, we decided to go for a wooden box that we'll paint white in a few days (joyous squeal for painting!).

The super-before:
The semi-before:
The before:
The semi-after:
 Already on the road to greatness, people! (Also, do NOT mind the gap - we'll be slapping some quarter-round on that after we paint.)
So, that's how we roll when we feel horrible and only want to drink some grape Kool Aid and drift off into a nap to the soothing sounds of Bob Barker, but cannot for many reasons. Among them: that Drew Carey has taken over the Price is Right and  is frankly running it into the ground; that it was a Sunday and even with thousands of channels, PiR isn't on on weekends; that we had no grape Kool-Aid; that we want nothing more than to be painting by this weekend.

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