Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some assembly required

We've entered (maybe prematurely) the single best part of this basement reno - the decorating part. With the drywall sanded, we're really heading toward the end of this horrible educational journey.

Late last night, our living room looked like this:
No apologies for this crap-tastic cell phone photo. But, in case you can't tell - there are a boatload of boxes in our tiny living room.

Inside those giant boxes are: two accent chairs and one amazing sleeper sofa. All of which were under budget and of which only one lonely chair is currently assembled. Because it's kind of hard to enjoy a High Life Light and watch Teen Mom 2 and put together a couch and keep cats from playing with all the screws.

Once we've got them all up, I promise to take a better picture.

The couch will snuggle up by the basement fireplace and the accent chairs will be in the other room, for weary fooseballers in between bouts (matches? games? rounds? innings? I'm not even sporty enough to know fooseball terminology).

Arriving April 2 is our one and only budget-busting furniture buy: a rocker recliner. Now, before you get all sweaty and nervous that you've wasted days/weeks/months following a blogger who only now is showing her true bad-taste, calm down.

That's it. That's my girl. Isn't she pretty? The couch we bought is one solid color, so we figured a bolder side chair will give the room a little hubba hubba. A little va va voom. A little oo la la. 

Love 'em or hate 'em, you've got to admit that this doesn't look like your grandpappy's easy chair. 

Any guesses on what styles are lurking in those boxes? Any violent feelings in either direction about my darling little rocking chair? Let 'er rip!


  1. Not a big fan of the chair, but to each his own as they say.

  2. I LOVE the chair! Nothin better than a rocker/recliner!

  3. On its own, I must say I'm a little scared of your chair, but as a part of the room, I'm sure it will be great! I'm always the girl scared of the printed tops as they hang on the rack and then am jealous when I see girls wearing them - so clearly I have no vision! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  4. I think she is lovely...and she is comfy, no? You have your "oohh la la". I love it!


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