Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basement Boogie: 96 hours or bust

If you follow me on The Twitter, you may have noticed that my posts as of late are few and far between, desperate chokes for above-ground air. That's because I've instituted a take-no-prisoners approach to killing this basement reno by my birthday.

Which. Is Monday. 96 hours from now.

Yes, I'll be spending my final hours of my mid-20s hopped up on Mocha Frappucinos,  covered in dust and paint, laying floor and touching up trim.

I'm manic about finishing. Example: I met Hubs at home over lunch today to paint trim and hang doors. By doing this for three days this week, we squeezed in an extra three (wo)man hours.

Here's the big weekend to-do list, in no special order, save the last step:
  • Finish touch-up mudding on a weird ceiling section
  • Paint touch ups on ceiling
  • Touch up paint around fireplace
  • Grout tile back splash on bar
  • Hoe the floors to remove chunks of mud we let sit for too long
  • Vapor barrier the floor
  • Final coat of paint on stair treads
  • Buy a TV
  • Hang TV
  • Electrical inspection
  • Building inspection
  • Paint laundry room door
  • Hang laundry room door
  • Trim all windows
  • Trim shelves
  • Put door handles on
  • Hang doors
  • Make bar top
  • Stain bar top
  • Trim bar top
  • Epoxy bar top
  • Seal counter top
  • Finish outlet covers
  • Finish painting trim
  • Paint laundry room again
  • Paint laundry room ceiling
  • Move out trash
  • Paint laundry room floor
  • Spray paint bar stool wood
  • Add second handrail
  • Lay floor
  • Lay trim
  • Putty trim
  • Touch up trim
  • Move back in
  • Beer. Me. Bitches.
Wish me luck. I'll see you kids on the other side.


  1. Your kidding right? No way can two people do all of that in two days. Good luck..

  2. Anon, I think you just added fuel to our fire. :) We're out to bend the laws of space and time to get this puppy done-zo!

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and with what I've seen, pretty sure you and Hubs can knock this out - you can sleep when you're dead right?!!? Looks great so far and I'm so excited to see the finished product! Best of luck!

  4. Rock out sister! Can't wait to see the final progression pics - and a happy early birthday to you my dear!!!


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