Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear house

Dear house,

Happy second anniversary! In the 720 or so days we've been together, we've been though a lot. You were there for me when Hubs and I got engaged in the dining room and as I made mimosas in the kitchen on our wedding day. We built you a beautiful new deck and patio and you were just the right size for a second little cat. You've helped us host great parties, given us plenty to do, and been a good and warm abode.

I have to say, this past year was a little rough. That bupkis you pulled in August - flooding our basement just weeks after we finished a beautiful outdoor renovation? That was not cool. But, we love you and want the best for you, so we started that basement from scratch - you even got some amazing new windows for a second anniversary present this week!

I think we've all moved past that little bump in the road and as long as you behave like a good little house should, we can all hang out for years to come. Now that you're 66, I hope you can settle down a bit and sit patiently, warm and watertight while we finish up the basement and start measuring the attic for your next big face lift.

Thanks for letting us crash here,

Alexson & Hubs

P.S. Remember how magical our first year together was? Let's recapture some of that.

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