Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Basement Boogie: Le Grand Tour

Hanging drywall isn't so hard. It's kind of heavy and you have to be pretty spot on with measurements, especially around electrical rough-ins and other weirdness, but it won't kill you. You might cry, but you won't die (note to self, keep that phrase in mind next time you go camping/have to kill a spider/embroider a pillow).

Tip from a seasoned pro: Do not attempt any drywall hanging without: a collated screw gun, the number to Jimmy John's on speed dial, a math-minded friend, a six-pack icing down in the fridge.

Ridgid R8660 18-Volt Collated Screwgun
Best $100 ever spent.

So, now that we're done with the drywall hanging, it's time to mud. We started last night and got the first coat of mud and tape down in the fooseball room. 

Video tour time!

Though there are varying theories on the amount of layers needed for drywall, Hubs and I decided to go with : Mud - Tape - Mud - Mud - Mud (some books we say said you only needed two post-tape coats of mud). But honestly, compared to hanging drywall, mudding is like a spa day. It's relaxing and goes on fast, so a third coat doesn't bother us too much. 

I compared it to the little Zen sand gardens you buy at the mall. Scrape, scrape, smoooooth. Scrape, scrape, smoooooth. Om. Om. Om. 

Anyone else mad for mudding?

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  1. Congrats!!! My dad actually plasters houses, so I'm familiar with the joys of mudding! I'm sure it's going to look amazing - I'm still super impressed that you guys are tackling all of this yourselves!


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