Monday, February 7, 2011

Basement Boogie: If these walls could talk

After a real crackerjack Friday, Hubs and I were up and at 'em early to start the magical process that is drywall hanging. The day started (as all our Saturdays do) with a run to get donuts and get supplies at Home Depot. As we ticked items off our shopping list (we were there for drywall mussing and taping supplies), we wandered over to the power tool area. Nay, we were drawn to the power tool area by a force stronger than ourselves.

And we fell in love.

Weekend warrior

This screw gun was a steal at $100 and worth every penny of impulse-buy. It cut our drywalling time in half because it loads a clip of drywall screws and feeds them through as you need them - no reaching into your pocket for screws, then holding them straight and dropping them. Love! Love! Love!

We managed to get the top half of the drywall up in about 80% of the basement over the weekend and we're hoping we can finish the tops tonight and start on the bottoms.
Bar end of the fireplace room.
Fireplace end of the fire place room (the fireplace is still open because we have to order fire retardant insulation for it - right now that corner is un-insulated and fa-re-re-zzing!)

Of course, putting up the drywall meant covering up layer upon layer of love. Graffiti, caulk, vapor barriers, insulation, electrical and framing - all never to be viewed again (Lord willing). I may have been a little choked up under that heavy duty dust mask.

 Good thing we had our trusty foreman to keep to keep me on task.
 His cohort was unavailable as he was in the sink, licking our breakfast dishes.

What's on tap for your Monday?

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