Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cadbury-d alive

I'm not one of those ladies who love chocolate. I'm just not a sweet-tooth gal. I am more of a salt-tooth - I mean, even my wedding cake was savory. So the list of candies I love and adore is short. It is in fact, a list of one.

And that one - is Cadbury Eggs.

I wait all year for their first appearance and it takes every fiber of self-restraint I have to not live off these little goo-filled gems for the three months they are available.

True story: The spring I studied abroad in Ireland, I entered a Cadbury Egg eating contest at a pub - the first competitor to finish ten eggs won a keg's worth of beer. I was the lone female contestant, fighting for the title amid three dudes. When the bar tender started the clock, I quickly unwrapped the eggs and started chowing down (this had proven to be fastest in my various training sessions).

On egg number eight, I heard a crack. I kept eating, but there was a chunk of something hard and awful among the candy. It was a part of my tooth (not really, I had porcelain veneers put on, so it was a part of the facade that is my teeth, but this is what we call dramatic emphasis). This realization wasted precious time and I lost my lead. It was perhaps the most tragic moment of sport I have ever been a part of.

The first egg of 2011. Not the last. 

Fast forward to today, at lunch. I ran to the grocery store because with work being busy and the basement eating up all our free time, we hadn't been food shopping in two weeks (proof things are getting a little to Mother Hubbard-y up in here: Hubs ate a hamburger bun toasted for breakfast this morning). As I was darting around, getting milk, pasta and cereal - I spotted a familiar green and blue glimmer.

So, I bought one.

I waited an hour to eat it. That is a huge feat.

The first egg of the year deserves a quiet celebration and respect - not a quick gobble in the parking lot.

Another true story: I used to wake up earlier than my younger sisters on Easter just to swap out their Cadbury eggs for lesser candy. I always replaced the stolen eggs with those lame Reeses eggs or jelly beans, so it didn't seem too obvious.

Sorry, sisters.

I know Cadbury Eggs are one of the great polarizing issues of our times. What's your stance? Pro-egg? Anti-egg? Member of the fringe caramel egg party?


  1. Whoa, this is pretty funny. I, on the other hand, would kill you for a Reese's egg but leave a Cadbury one languishing in a stale basket somewhere. HA!

  2. Gonna buy one tomorrow. 'Nuf said.

  3. I'm with Sara...gotta go chocolate and peanut butter all the way.

  4. I'm also with Sara. I'd trade ya straight across.

  5. Bleh. I loathe the Cadbury Egg! Matt loves them though. This makes us even for your disdain of Maid Rites though, right?


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