Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My eff it moment (in a good way)

It happened today. I was looking at a wedding blog I love to hate (a smidge tightly wound, but such pretty pictures!) and saw a series of pictures from a wedding that was so pretty and sincere, I felt like I was there. I knew that was what I wanted and no amount of micromanaging or information sharing would make that happen. So, I e-mailed my photographer and let him know that I was letting go. He has the schedule and you know, the creativity, so I'll stop fussing and just get ready to party hardy.

Let me tell you, this. feels. awesome. We picked some delightful vendors who are talented and trustworthy, so as long as they have the logistics down, I'm just going to step back and let them make their part shine. Let them do what they do best. And me, I'll be doing what I do best - smush me-ness and HTB-ness and us-ness all over the wedding in the next few weeks and then just soak up all the fun.

Only 46 more days of being a fiance, so I better get to soaking up that fun, too.

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