Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A glow of my own

A while back, Mrs. Peep Toe on the Weddingbee (do you know the Weddingbee? You should. Trot over and meet the delightful bridal bloggers they found!) did a series of posts about finding her bridal glow. She defined the glow as a true physical attribute, but I'm finding the glow is more about your mindset and less about your look.

I do believe I found my bridal glow yesterday. A few wedding-related things went down that made me feel "like a bride" (something I thought was cheesy until it all hit me) instead of a girl who is damn lucky to get to hang out with her favorite person the rest of her life.

To start, local people got my wedding invitations yesterday! I got a few compliments on the little darlings, which made my day. Literally everyone in my family (including Nana, the little workhorse) helped with the invites. HTB and his parents, along with two of my sisters friends, and my bridesmaid also got in on the invite action. They were such a labor of love. I'll show them to you sometime.

Then, I got the invitation to my bachelorette party in the mail! My sister is known far and wide for her poetry prowess, and these invitations did not disappoint. Again, maybe I will share sometime.

On top of all this, my bridal shower is this weekend! Four super gals are throwing me a luncheon and I can't wait to celebrate with them.

So, all this has me feeling quite bridal. BUT, not in a cheesy way. Not as in, I'm-stressed-and-striving-for-perfection-and-running-millions-of-errands-and-ahhhhh! As in, people are doing amazingly thoughtful things for HTB and I and I'm so excited to sit back and soak in all this love! Being surrounded by my nearest and dearest is what I look forward to most about the actual wedding, so doing it before hand is what's making me feel bridal.

How 'bout you? You feeling the bridalness?

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