Thursday, September 3, 2009

Like Christopher Columbus, I am.

Dear fellow November brides,

We are going to be OK. I just discovered a fifth weekend in October I didn't know existed. I thrust a flag in it and proclaimed it as a time to get a hair and makeup trial, organize boxes of decorations and finalize the seating chart. Standing on the brink of this brave new weekend, I knew that these 48 hours would be what separated us from harried savages. No, this extra weekend is what will deliver us to the heights of bridal calm and organization. Rejoice, dear friends, rejoice! A fifth weekend in October will save your behind and you know it.


P.S. On the reals, this revelation made me super happy. Here I was thinking I only had three weekends without travel/house guests before the wedding. WRONG! I've got four blissful weekends! Huzzah!

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