Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bathroom Bump-Up: Scariest DIY Project EVER

Our humble abode has come a long way in the past three years. The deck went from being a serious health-threat to being completely lovely, the basement (oh, the basement) went from pathetic to sob-fest-inducing to sheer perfection, and the other rooms have all stepped up their game a bit, too. But, one room remains untouched and ever-so humble, keeping our home from being the shining star she should be. The room that is the zit on the face of our beauty queen?

The bathroom.

Notice I called it “the” bathroom. As in, not the “master” bathroom or “hall” or “guest.” This is it, people. Our sole powder room.

And we’re gutting it.

And God-willing, we’re putting it back together before anyone needs to take a private moment.

Behold, our official before photos:

Eight feet of 1970s-era lighting. Paaaarty!

Oh, my.

The previous bathroom-renovator forgot to seal the grout. And so, no amount of scrubbing or noxious chemicals has helped. The shower will be de-grouted, re-grouted and left alone, lest we rip out the tiles and find some big, ugly plumbing problem. Tearing the basement down to the studs taught us at least one valuable lesson: If you don’t see the problem, it’s not a problem. Ignorance is bliss in this household.

The toilet is original to our 1955 bungalow, which makes me shake with fear every time we have houseguests or a party.

The mirror is huge and extends over the toilet, which I imagine, is kinda awkward for dudes.

The countertop is tile and impossible to keep clean.

One thing I love: lots and lots of storage.

Stay tuned, this project is sure to be ridiculous. 


  1. I've been missing your blogs, I even stopped by yesterday to make sure I didn't miss anything. Can't wait to see how this turns out, our bathroom is next on the list too!

  2. Hurrah for your triumphant return to blogging! Can't wait to see this demo. Also...never thought of the man full frontal situation in your bathroom!!

  3. I loved your sentence that "ignorance is bliss in your house"! Anyway, I think you have put good enough things to make your bathroom nice-looking.


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