Friday, December 7, 2012

Bathroom Bump-Up: 7 years of bad luck

The bathroom is officially in a state of demolition. We took our first crack (ba dum ching!) at removing the mirror. Below, an "artist's" rendering of the proposed space. (When I saw "artist," I mean "scientist husband," of course).

The plan was to use our new Dremmel to cut the mirror down so it would reach just over the counter (also something we plan to resize). Then, we'd use some cheap trim to frame it out and all would be right with the world. Easy, peasy, nearly free-sy.

Hubs prepped the area.

He ran over our cut-line with the Dremmel, then scored it, then Dremmeled again. I photographed, as the bathroom is luckily too small for two workers in most cases. (Also, I forgot to tell you guys last time one plot twist that makes this whole gut-your-bathroom-and-be-toiletless-for-several-hours/days even more horrifying - your blogging host is five months pregnant. This is exciting for many reasons, not the least of which is that I can officially take a backseat on these DIY projects due to my delicate condition. Nevermind that I'm still running 3 miles a week and lifting weights to keep my mama-body seven kinds of buff, helping DIY a new bathroom is simply too much for lil ole me.)

Here is our thwarting in progress. The to-be salvaged side of the mirror cracked. Like in a major way. Cue the cussing from Hubs and daily Craigslist hunts for large mirrors from yours truly. Also, this is when we Googled how to remove a mirror. What effing amateurs, you know?

And here is the mirror in all of it's half-demo'd glory. The other half will come down this weekend, between cookie-baking and other winter frolicking. Oh, how I missed weekends full of DIY!

Big weekend plans for you, chief?

Also, quick poll: sneakiest pregnancy announcement ever? 

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