Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Switching gears

Last week, we found out our bathroom tiles are on back-order and instead of arriving tomorrow, the 12th, the granite for the counter top and porcelain for the floor won't be in our grubby little hands until after Christmas. This throws a huge wrench in our works because the work really can't move too far past demo without the main re-building materials, you know? Sucks how that works.

So, rather than carry on with demo and live with a ripped up bathroom for three weeks, we are turning our sights toward a project we hadn't planned on doing until late January: the baby's room!

Crazy, right?

So, here is our second bedroom. Part office, part guest room, part catch-all - this poor space needs some serious love.
It's the last room in the house with the original blonde wood trim, the walls are a sad yellow, the ceiling bears the marks of multiple other wall colors, the light fixture is pathetic and the floor is beat to hell.

Poor Baby deserves a little better. We aren't going to find out if the little dude is in fact a dude or a little lady, so all the decorations will be neutral.

So, the plan for this room is:

  • Moving out all the adult furniture and bringing in the baby gear: crib, dresser, glider, yada yada yada
  • Paint the ceiling a nice, fresh, uniform white
  • Pull out the light fixture and replace it with a ceiling fan
  • Paint the walls a pale gray
  • Paint a fancy-pancy mural of a tree on one wall
  • Paint the trim white
  • Refinish the floors
Nothing major, so the plan is to knock this out while we wait for the bathroom tile. I have Christmas week off work, so with my trusty mask and a few cracked windows, I should be able to get the painting pretty much set. 

What's your Christmas project?

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  1. I think I'm even more excited for this project!


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