Friday, December 14, 2012

A Weekend of Doing

Of course, right after I clicked "publish" on that last blog, my phone rings. Who could it be but Kevin at Home Depot telling me my back-ordered tiles miraculously arrived ahead of schedule. Oh, happy day!

So, now with tiles at the ready and a guest room nearly cleared of all non-baby junk, we are ready for a weekend of getting shit done.

Tonight, we'll bust out some errands and then tomorrow, Hubs and I will go our separate ways - he will demo the bathroom while I paint the baby's room. Trim will be a crisp white (finally! to match the rest of the house) and walls will be Behr's Natural Gray (or a color-matched version of a low/no-VOC paint).

Hubs is hoping to rip the tile off the bathroom walls and put up beadboard in its place. Who knows what other magic might happen during our flurry of anticipated productivity.

Please, sweet readers, tell me your weekend is looking more exciting than mine. If it doesn't, I will probably cry once for you, once for me, then drown my sorrows in sugar cookies.


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how the bead board goes, we have tile up our bathroom walls too and that's exactly how I want to remedy the very {whenever 4x4 glossy beige tiles were in style} monstrosity!

  2. I was just thinking your weekend sounded fun. You know I love a good painting party. We're headed to Candy Cane Lane with Hud Bud (yes, we call him that now).

  3. Sounds like a great weekend of getting stuff done! I'll be baking the weekend away with my mom and nibbling on too much throughout the day. Bring on the sugar overload!


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