Monday, April 2, 2012

Upcycle + a winner!

This weekend, I realized that we are in fact, a weird house. I mean, check out our latest improvement:

We are now the proud upcyclers of a bike rim trellis! We just used a rusty (but sturdy) stake that the previous owners had left in the shed and zip-tied old bike rims to it for a quick, cheap and easy climbing apparatus for the clematis.

Total cost: $3.75

Add to that the wall we striped last summer, the birdhouse made of old basement supplies and the wine bottle tiki torches Hubs made me for Christmas and I realized that this little corner of our yard pegs us as total hippies. I think we are just inches away from hosting a drum circle here every Tuesday.

Winner winner veggie dinner!
Congrats, Stacie! You won the Vegie Fresh Contest! Send me your shipping info and I'll get the bags off to you.

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