Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freshness! And a giveaway!

A long, long time ago, the folks at Vegie Fresh contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying their product. It's supposed to keep your veggies nice and crispy-like, which I was into because nothing chaps my hide like soggy spinach.

Now, I'm not a scientist. I'm a cheapskate. So, my original plan to have a Vegie Fresh crisper drawer filled with goodies and a control drawer filled with goodies so I could compare them just didn't pan out. I wasn't about to just waste perfectly good vegetables in the name of blog science!

So, both crisper drawers got the Vegie Fresh treatment. My bags of spinach (which take me about a week and a half to eat) stayed mostly fresh until the bitter end. That last little bit got a little soggy, but after 10 days, that's not so bad! Plus, I just use it for smoothies, so I'm not above eating some slightly slimy greens. (Ew. Sorry for that confession.)

Some leftover cauliflower also stood the test of time pretty well - hanging on a good 11 days before succumbing to spots because I was TIRED OF CAULIFLOWER. The longer shelf-life stuff like peppers and onions stayed good at least a week until we got around to eating them. (Anyone else buying red peppers like a crazed woman lately? They are so cheap right now!)

On the whole, I was really pleased with the packet. Just toss it in the crisper drawer and let it save me some moo-lah!

Want to keep your greens dry, too? Vegie Fresh sent me a boat load of packets, all of which last about three months. Comment below and next week, I'll announce a winner!

Vegie Fresh did send me free samples for me to review, but these views are my own.


  1. I can never make it through an entire bag of spinach! I wanna try it out! :)

  2. My mom and I buy several heads of lettuce because we eat salad during the week but some of them never make it to the plate because they go bad. I can't wait to experience the awesomeness of these bags!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Elena V

  3. I am constantly throwing out veggies, so I would love to try the bags!


  4. I just tossed out a couple bins of fruits and veggies. It's like when I"m at the store, I'm all for them...then I get home and after two days of eating nothing but produce, I'm ready for something else...then they go bad. These sound great!

  5. Have you announced the winner yet?! I want to be entered, I need something like this!


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