Monday, April 23, 2012

Paver paradise

Did I say we'd be done by Sunday, or did I say we'd be done by Sunday?

It was even relatively painless, despite the fact that we ordered about 144 too many bricks (hello, refund!) and had to return them to the brick store, about 20 miles way.

Nevertheless, it's landscaping time and the walkway is functional and lovely, as it should be.

We're not 100% sure on what the landscaping portion of this project will entail. We might rip out the two evergreen bushes, but that frankly, sounds like a lot of work for two people who hate landscaping and the idea of spending an extra few Benjamins on filling in all that empty space.

Not to mention, our dance card is filled for the summer with bajillions of weddings, parties, work events and races to run, so we're not above throwing some mulch on it and figuring out what to do next year. Because you can't be a crazy overachiever in every area of life. Landscaping is our lazy.


  1. Like! Joe is 1/2 finished with our backyard paver walkway and this makes me even more excited ;-)

  2. Looks amazing!! I vote you mulch it. Also, can that now be a saying? "Oh, just mulch it"


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