Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lucky 29!

It was a busy weekend around these parts: Hubs and I cashed in a gift certificate we won a while back to a hotel out in the wilds of West Des Moines so we spent Friday yukking it up at chain restaurants and breathing in ridiculous amounts of chlorine in the indoor pool.

Saturday, we bottled the zinfandel Hubs whipped up last month.
29 bottles of yummy, yummy zinfandel.

Sunday, we had to add toppers and labels, which fell to me and Hubs was hitting the books. First, I had to put these little gold foil toppers on each bottle and steam them shut.

Then, it was labeling time. We found these awesome Post-It labels on pretty paper that are easy to remove. That way, when we reuse these bottles for the next batch, we won't have to scrub old label gunk off. Hooray!

We tried the wine on Saturday, and it was a little twangy, but considering that it isn't going to be really ready until the end of March, we were pleased. By then, these bottles ought to be a-ma-zing!

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