Monday, January 2, 2012

Droppin outta high school, straight into the pros

It's entirely possible that Nelly was not talking about cameras in this song.

Happy 2012, friends! I'm coming off a most glorious 11-day weekend which was at once productive and highly relaxing. One of the highlights: being gifted this sweet little Canon T3i by my ma 'n pa. I have absolutely zero idea how to use it aside from the point-and-shoot settings, but I'm sure it will be just a matter of time before I catch on.

I think I need more mirrors in my house and fewer self-portraits in the powder room. 

It's my goal to play along with these fabulous tutorials, even though the 12 weeks are long gone. Just putzing around can only take a gal so far.

So, the real question is: how many pictures of cats can I take before it gets weird? 

Just kidding. Anyone else get a snazzy camera for the holidays? What tips and tricks should I be reading up on?

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  1. Yay! There are so many good bloggers out there that have great tips. I love Fly Through Our Window for camera and photo tips, Darby is very down to earth and isn't 'fancy' with her camera. I got a sweet ultra-wide lens for my Canon, it is a dream. I would suggest playing with the shutter-priority and aperture-priority shooting modes, they are great for lower light situations. A lower shutter speed lets more light in when you need it, but can also blur the action...have fun playing around!


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