Friday, September 2, 2011


Maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Frasier, but I thought it might be fun for you all to interpret a dream I have had a few times over the past year. A little game of What Would Freud Do?, if you will.

In my dream, I buy this awesome house. It's huge and Victorian and the complete opposite of my real house.

BUT, I am relegated to the main floor because the attic has been rendered unusable by some very proper and very evil Victorian ghosts. They spend their days lounging in parlors and watering ferns (don't ask me why, but that just seems like something a suffragette would be all 'bouty 'bouty) and wearing corsets and they do NOT act kindly to non-ghostly visitors like me.

I also cannot go downstairs because it is constantly moving and crumbling and it looks like a really cheesy 70sVegas-style hotel with a carpeted refrigerator. It's also covered in bugs.

So, readers. A dream where I live in a house with no usable basement and no usable attic - can any of you tell me what this could possibly mean?

My vote is that this is proof positive that DIY house renos will indeed change your mental makeup - even way before they are started (the attic isn't on tap to get tackled for at least another two or three years) or after they are finished (happy five month-a-versary, Finished Basement!).

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