Monday, September 19, 2011

Pack it up, pack it up, you got it, you got it

As a gal who was once known for her tendencies to blow this joint and head for shores unknown, I have long coveted suitcases as decor. So, imagine how stoked I was when I found this sturdy old guy at the bi-monthly antiques showcase, Urban Finds. I nabbed the case and the antique valet it sits on for a cool $25! I topped it with a rad little mercury glass lamp from TJ Maxx and a woodsy candle since this corner is dangerously close to the litter box hideaway.

Perfect for our basement's so-called talking chairs, where I imagine guests sipping wine and discussing the news of the day. This has yet to happen, but these chairs give a great vantage point to the action on the foosball table so I think we are getting close. 


  1. I'm obsessed with vintage/travel items, we are incorporating such into our July wedding. I purchased two vintage 'looking' suitcases for $20, would love to prop them like how yours is on the stand to use in our future home together. Thanks for sharing!! xox

  2. Kym, great idea! I loved re-purposing wedding decorations into our home; it's like a fun reminder in every room.


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