Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In which perfection shockingly alludes me

I've had this little hall mirror since 2004. It was purchased for less than $5 at Burlington Coat Factory in an effort to spruce up my crumbly sad college house.
Here is my wee little dark mirror, circa 2009. Waaay back before the new windows and back when two unruly felines had yet to destroy the upholstery on my green chair.

After living with the dark mirror for seven years, I got the itch. It was time to shake things up with my little discount store mirror and the only kind of excitement I could bring to the table was a pale gray paint left over from an old project.

This chip has been there as long as I can recall. It was likely earned during a legendary house party. 

 Taping mirrors always sucks because you I can never get a crisp line. If you look closely, you can always tell I just slapped some lipstick on a pig of a mirror. Nevertheless, I tried to wedge my tape corners down with a screwdriver and look of serious concentration.

Painting time! 
I failed to realize just how sticky-outtie the designs were until I was really trying to get in there with my brush.

I almost left the mirror in this stage of shabby chicness after just two coats of paint before realizing shabby chic has no place in my home. Mostly because the shabby rings just too true.

So I rolled on a third coat and called it good.

Today, the mirror hangs where it always had and I've got to admit - I'm underwhelmed.
 Missed a spot or two.

It just disappears.

Be honest, aren't you underwhelmed, too? It's just too light and airy that it fades away. I'm hoping that once I get my act together and paint all that trim white, it will be a little better.

Maybe I just need to gallery wall this shizzle and get my pops of boldness that way. What say ye?

This ye says that between my lame painting and having reflected hundreds of hard-partying accountants and pharmacists: That poor mirror has been through the ringer.

What paint mistakes have you made lately?


  1. I think it's just too small for that spot. Try to put it in another location and you might be happier with it.

  2. I think it just needs some friends... it's a little small on that big space, throw a few more things up there near it & you'll be good to go!

  3. Be forewarned - painting trim sucks so bad. We did it before we got all of our stuff moved into the house. It because a much larger project than I was expecting or even wanting. Take my advice and buy some super duper primer if the wood is old, or you'll have to do like 4 coats to keep the wood from bleeding through. It looks great once it's done, but it's definitely all about the prep work.

    Also, I agree that it's just a small mirror on the big wall. It needs friends, or a bolder color! And spray paint would work good on this project so you can get all the nooks and crannies too!


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