Friday, April 15, 2011

Net Profit: Basement Edition

So, was it worth it?

Costs, tangible/intangible:
  • Three pairs of lady pants, ruined forever or until paint splatters become cool again.
  • 32 total calls to Jimmy Johns, approximate cost: $500, approximate weight: 96 pounds of sub-y goodness.
  • Two injuries requiring band aids, for him.
  • Zero injuries requiring hospital trips
  • 60 sheets of drywall
  • 700 feet of flooring used
  • 1000 feet of flooring bought
  • 15 nights ending with someone crying, yelling "I quit!" or otherwise storming upstairs
  • Eight venti frappucinos to fuels the final push to completion, for her
  • 18 hours = the longest single workday
  • $15,000 total construction investment (mostly paid already because we are dolla' bill rockstars)
  • $0 paid by insurance (yes, we had water coverage, but it didn't matter because that only applies if there is a sewer backup or the sump pump fails)
  • 234 days from flood to finishing
Revenue, tangible/intangible:
  • Wiring knowledge, for him
  • Non-creepy laundry room, for her (I know, it's really sexist. But I'm the laundry do-er, he's the dish do-er)
  • Reduced fear of nail guns, for her
  • Floor laying, drywalling, mudding, trim laying knowledge for all
  • Boost in disposable income for the Jimmy John's guy who works Wednesday nights
  • Private water closet for two cats with questionable hygiene
  • 700 square feet of "meh" basement transformed into "holy crap, you guys built this?" basement
  • Countless nights of sound sleeping thanks to lifetime guarantee on waterproofing system and windows
  • $400 refunded for returning extra supplies
  • $8 for selling books we'll never read again
  • Seven pounds, lost (and two pairs of college jeans that fit once again!)
  • Two Foursquare mayorships of hardware stores
An ugly journey, but worth it.

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  1. You should clearly invite your JJ delivery guy to the big reveal. Well, unless he's creepy, then he should continue to be relegated to the front stoop.


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