Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leaf my rocker alone

The little lounge of our basement is starting to fill up. We've added a DIY pendant light, two homemade end tables, one vintage photo and one sexy LazyBoy since you've last stopped by.

The pendant light was assembled with a cheap-o lighting kit from Home Depot, a drum shade from Target and relatively few cuss words. My only issue was that when used right side up, the CFL bulb I used stuck out the bottom of the drum shade. So, I flipped the shade over, which solved that problem and lent a little retro pizazz (oh yeah, pizazz, folks) to the fixture.

The old timey photo is actually my grandparent's high school class on their senior trip to D.C. I'm not saying any students look hung over, or that any teachers look highly peeved, but I am saying it looks like a fun trip.

While I'm loving all the little additions, these two are the ones I dote on the most. A chair to beat all chairs and a super sweet Iowa pillow.

Hubs made the end table pictured here and its twin out of oak plywood scraps left over from the bar top. Then, we primed them and slapped on a little Martha Stewart Precious Metals paint in bone (creepy) and voila! End tables that shimmer far more than this snapshot lets on.

It's not perfect, I definitely need to come up with something to tie the crazy pattern on the chair to the subtle, soothing tones of the rug. Maybe yellow pillows. Maybe punchy art above the fireplace. Maybe a glass of wine so I can stop being a person who gets all sweaty when her comfy chair doesn't fit perfectly with a luxe, smooshy rug.

Option three it is.


  1. Where did you find that fantastic chair?!?

  2. It's a LazyBoy Terra rocker, we got it at (gag) Homemakers :)


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