Monday, April 11, 2011

Ain't no stopping us!

Since we officially finished construction, we've been physically unable to sit still for more than an hour at a time. Constant work and progress clearly screwed with our brains, making Hubs and myself crave constant doing.

Here's a few projects we tackled this weekend:

  • Hubs built two end tables for the basement couch with oak scraps we had left over from the bar.
  • We painted those and put them in their new home.
  • We spray painted the hideous bamboo bar stools and re-upholstered them.
  • Hubs built a clock back/chalk board for the bar.
  • I weeded everything! EVERYTHING.
  • We mulched the deck gardens. Bags of cypress mulch were just $1.17 at Home Depot, so we had to get in on that!
  • I planted some sweet little ranuculous flowers out back.
  • Made serious office organization headway. The office housed nearly everything that used to be in our basement and it was so full we couldn't even walk through it. Now, just a few piles of Goodwill stuff to take and craft supplies to put away.
  • Hit up a birthday party.
  • Had a little spa day, thanks to a birthday gift from Hubs' parents. I even got a supposedly indestructible manicure using shellac nail polish. I'm trying to be nice to these scruffy mitts now that the hard work is done.
  • Got donuts. Twice.
I've got photos coming of the projects for you. The basement has come a long way since the Before and After video I posted last week!

P.S. Hubs just e-mailed me to let me know that he's going in on a wood chipper rental with our neighbor this weekend. That means the dead tree in our front yard is coming down tonight (in like, 30 minutes, actually) and the mangy weed trees out back are coming down, too. Fun surprise, huh?

DIY+ impulsiveness =impromptu lumberjacks

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  1. Damn you.

    Joe just got a new job, so he won't be working nights and weekends anymore. His schedule was always my excuse for not being a weekend warrior. Now I'll just have to confess to being lazy. I can't even blog anymore, I'm so behind.



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