Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May and June in pictures

Bonjour, blog!

It's been a super amazing summer so far. Hubs and I trekked to Europe in search of cheese and beer, I ran my second distance race (Dam to Dam!), and we've been busy biking and ingesting as much rum and coconut water as possible.

Lemme catch you up:

A sunny ride down to Cumming Tap!

Our second annual trip to Swine Fest in Ankeny:

Kicking ass at Dam to Dam (12.4 miles!), thanks to Emily:

Miracle of miracles, Scott has returned to our yard!

Wedding in Chicago! (Did you notice that I've shrunk since last we met? Homeslice done lost 30 pounds, yo!)


Hubs, in our Parisian flat:

Belgian flowers! Cobalt walls! Love!

Hubs biking to West Vleteren, home of Saint Sixtus Abbey, and the best beer in the world. Like, literally.

Enjoying some West-Vleteren 12!

Me, biking through the Belgian countryside.

I'm standing with a giant brussel sprout. Guess where I am.

Mort Subite, a wonderful little 1920s bar in Brussels.

Hi! We are tourists!

FYI, the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays and if it looks like this, RUN to the nearest cafe, especially if you are wearing white pants.

Cats at Versailles.

FYI: Versailles closes at 6pm and there are two trains that head in that direction. Getting on the wrong train at 4:30 p.m. will lead to this being the extent of your Versailles experience:

Our favorite stop: Brugges!

We seriously love beer.

Instructions on how to pour this beer. Belgians have mad respect for the beverage.

Brugges from above! It's a fairy tale city.

Aaaand that about sums it up! Up next: Art Festival, friends' wedding, biking the High Trestle Trail, beirgarten fun, probable sunburns.

And that's just this weekend! This is the summer Bigger, Better, Best does what they want, when they want. That means we've scaled way back on DIY plans. Fun stuff only until cooler weather hits.

What's your mantra this summer?

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