Monday, June 25, 2012

Des Moines at its finest

Ahoy, Monday!

It was such an awesome weekend to be kickin' it in Central Iowa. Friday, I went and got my hair all done up, plus some big fun makeup, which I never do. Then, I hopped my newly chic self on a Bcycle and pedaled to meet Hubs and friends at the Art Fest.

I've finally hoped on the neon train. Hello, beach tan!

We tried out Host for the first time and I have to say, the curried chicken salad was delectable.

All dressed up!

Saturday, we ran errands like monsters and stocked up on groceries before getting all primped and primed for our friends' wedding. They held it at the Teachout Building in the East Village, which is the same place we had our reception, so it was fun to get back in there and party it up. Hubs brewed a special IPA ("Here's to the Hoppy Couple") for the wedding and it went over really well. Of course, lots of good beer led to lots of dancing and shenanigans.


Hubs and pal enjoying the hoppy goodness.

Any tips for taking better nighttime action shots? We never did get it right.

Sunday, we headed out to the High Trestle Trail and managed to power through 54 miles before calling it a day. We got a later start than expected, so we left from Ankeny instead of doing our planned 80 mile ride from our house to the bridge. With a heat index of 100, it was a pretty wise move on our part.

On our way to the bridge, we passed a little biking family - all on one bike! Ma and pa on a tandem with two kids hitched on a kiddie-tandem. My poor little heart almost exploded at the cuteness. One family - one bike! Could there be anything more freaking adorable in the entire universe?


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  1. 54 miles! You are awesome. Color me impressed. Up for a double date ride to the Cascade Falls Aquatic Center in Ankeny sometime?

    Also: Hair and makeup done? Can I guess what that was for, you fit lady?


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