Thursday, May 3, 2012

In case you were wondering

I did survive my very first half marathon! What up.

I'll admit, while I was slogging through those 11-minute miles (for the record, it is not true what they say about slow and steady winning the race.  Apparently that honor goes to those who take it fast and ridiculous.), running the half sucked. Aside from seeing Hubs and my sister out cheering me on, that shit was not really my idea of a good time. I was slow and sore and cold.

But once I crossed the finish line, all that vanished. I can't wait to do another! Except, you know, faster. Less slow. Not sore. Neutrally temperatured. I'm looking at the next one for October in Mason City and am actively recruiting running pals and adoring fans.

Between this accomplishment and my new shorts with the built-in undies, I think it is safe to say: I am a runner!

High five me!


  1. Way to go!! This is awesome! I hope I feel this way after Dam to Dam in June. I'm already seeing so many health benefits, but I still don't *love* running yet.

  2. I was wondering how it went, kudos to you for completing the half!


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