Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Update: My Blue Heaven

This has nothing to do with anything, but it's enjoyable:

What has everything to do with everything is the title of the movie from whence this clip came: My Blue Heaven. You see, I muscled my way into a little kitchen updating this weekend and spent the better part of Saturday layering blue paint over blue paint over red paint because I, dear reader, refused to prime the kitchen walls.

The project began magically enough. I went to Ace to scoop up the Benjamin Moore Hemlock paint we were going to use and lo and behold - I found the EXACT SAME COLOR on the mis-tint shelf.

Is there anything better than getting fancy $30 paint for just $10 a gallon? Oh, no. There isn't.

The magic continued when Hubs and I went to get a ceiling medallion to cover a few plaster cracks around the ceiling fan.

Yes, that's a butterfly, alighting on a paint chip. I'm married to Snow White, in dude form.

Once we had our supplies all in place, it was time to kiss the Before goodbye!

The ceiling fan had horrible blonde wood blades and I was trying to decide if we should paint them or if that'd make the whole thing worse. This fact is important for later.

Doesn't that red make you sad and tired? I know red is a popular kitchen color, but it was just not working for me.

Sadly, my camera had a serious malfunction, so there are no action shots of us taking down the ceiling fan, pondering rewiring a few things, putting up trim in places where there was none or slapping on what felt like 50 layers of Hemlock.

But there is this:

Say what now? The fan has reversible blades with a rich, dark wood on the opposite side and it's super easy to flip the blades over? Well, heck. I don't know much about fans, but this seems like genius and if it's not standard practice for fans, it should be. I mean, take a gander at the after:

 In this shot, the blue looks much darker than it is. Above that window, there is a weird outlet that we will cover up with come plates and we still need window coverings. But! Don't you feel happier with all this freshly spruced up trim and happy Hemlock?

I especially love how it makes our dining room room look more gray. It's like living in Instamatic.

Someday, I'll replace the uppers on this side so they go to the ceiling and I don't have to over-compensate with cute kitchen-themed knick-nacks.

This spot had no trim before! Now, it matches the opposite side and all is right with the world.

So the red kitchen is no more and that means only two rooms remain that we have not painted. Office and bathroom, you're next!

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  1. Your ceiling fan is indeed a beautiful one. The ceiling fan put in the kitchen makes the kitchen room more beautiful and elegant.


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