Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good thing I didn't see this one year ago

Click to enlarge       Envirolet MS10
Somehow, I stumbled upon a site that sells composting toilets, which sound equally terrifying and intriguing. I didn't read too much about how they work because a quick glance used phrases like "rake bar", "Click here to watch the Bowl Trap in action" and "mulcherator." These nuggets of information were more than enough, thank you.

But what really got my semi-green brain whirling was that these potties don't need to be tied in to traditional plumbing, making them perfect for basements since you don't need to bust up the floor to lay pipe.

See how this might be intriguing to a woman who spent the first half of 2011 underground and had to forgo a second bathroom due to everyone's unwillingness to bust floors?

I don't think these thrones are in our future, but I did want to pass them along in case any of you readers are brave enough to be this decidedly hippie. 

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