Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lazy girl's delight

I realized last week that this summer is Hubs' and my first season without a life-consuming and soul-crushing project. And these past two weeks, I've been really slipping back into some very lazy ways. It's liberating.

Aside from keeping the house clean and planting a few things we scooped up with a garden center Groupon a few weeks ago, there have been not only no projects done, but no projects even spoken of. Not even a whisper.

The bags set we hoped to make for our big end of summer party? Eh, we sewed one little measly bean bag and decided to do something more fun.

We're winding down the summer with serious bike rides (27 miles to a country party, flippy cup and then 14 miles home the very next day. Who's your champion?), runs through cemeteries (I admit, I tend to walk because I just love reading tombstones like a total weirdo), books like you wouldn't believe (read The Paris Wife and thank me later), low-to-no effort dinners (burgers and tots, y'all?) and lots of homebrew to keep us in fighting form.

Is the end of summer kicking you into high gear or are you a big and deliciously lazy bump on a log like myself?


  1. Haven't tried that one. I hit up the Masonic one since it's right in my hood.

  2. Came upon your blog today and can't stop reading your recent posts. Very cute stuff. I am one state north of you, and we call it "tippy cup". I get super nervous when I play that game. I think I do better at beer pong. Less stress. The end result is usually the same...me a little tipsy. ;)


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