Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a dirty job

In early 2009, I moved into this little old house. As I scrubbed the kitchen before unpacking all my kitchen booty, I noticed the stupidest sink setup ever:

Yep, a 1/8" gap between sink lip and wall - perfect for trapping gunk, water and debris.

I don't recall if I actually cleaned the gap that day or not. Maybe the previous owners had before the left. Maybe my mom did it for me because she's good like that. Either way, the gap gave us no trouble.

Fast forward to last night, when a mood hit me and I Wanted to Clean. I set about scrubbing down the stove-top, counters and cabinets and was soon ready to Comet the heck out of the sink.

That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks: I had never cleaned the gap. Never! Ever! That little sliver of counter held secrets deeper and darker than any mob snitch-to-be, sleeping with fishes. The level of grime was so much that the gap could not even contain it all. Slime and filth poured over like muffin tops at Six Flags. It was time to clean.

And it was so horrible, reader, the things I saw last night. I couldn't keep this to myself.

Ten Q-Tips later, I had the gleaming sink crack of yore. And I'll have you know, sink gaps are awfully hard to capture in photographs with a cell phone.

Do you have any spots you just up and forget to clean for two years? Or am I just a frat boy living in a homemaker's body?


  1. I had to re-read your post, because I thought you FOUND those q-tips in the crack! LOL

  2. oh that's gross!! I need one of those "Must Clean" moods to hit me soon.... or rather, my house need one of those moods to hit me ha!

  3. Here's my suggestion - get that crack good and clean then use some caulk to fill it in so you don't ever have to clean it again! (sorry that sounds so dirty, I can't think of any other words to use). Clearly men design kitchens, a woman would never leave this crack because we know the pain the @ss it would be to clean!

  4. gross! I hate when I realize those places even exist. My mom is THE worst at pointing out all the little places people never clean.

    I won't put you through the pain of telling you where those places are...


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