Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye, old friend

After a particularly ugly 13-mile trail ride a few weekends ago, Hubs and I decided that it was time to bid adieu to the hot pink Huffy that carted my sore rump around town these past few years, much to the amusement of local bike snobs. It was time to Upgrade. (Yep. Capital. This was momentous.)

Buying my First Grown Up Bike was a pain the the tookus. We went to local shops only to see nothing in our price range, got kicked out of a Target for riding in the aisles (in our defense, the store was dead and I looked both ways before crossing. I mean, how's an upstanding citizen like myself supposed to purchase a bicycle without proper testing first? Absurd! (also, we did not get kicked out, but we did get a very stern talking to from the 19 year old on duty in the toy aisle).

Just as we were about to give up and ride forever mismatched on Des Moines' fine trails, we found Barr Bikes. And even better, we found my bike.

The Raleigh Women's Route 3.0 in Purple.
Aint' she a beaut?

She's a purple Raleigh Route 3.0 and her gears actually shift and stay shifted, her brakes don't howl in agony with each use and she's deep purple, which, I cannot lie, is one of the main reasons she got swooped up by me. She's perfect.

Sadly, she's on order from the warehouse, so I didn't get to ride off into the sunset with her, but it won't be long until I'm tooling around like a Real Grown Up Cyclist on this little sweetheart. 

What was your first grown up bike? Wanna buy a hot pink Huffy?

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