Monday, June 6, 2011

Slow Sunday

Last night, we finally had a creative dinner. We haven't had the energy to cook up the amazing and thoughtful dishes we were used to in our pre-basement days, but last night, we finally slowed back down and got cooking.

We kept it pretty simple - hummus and pitas - but it felt so good to be kneading bread and having something going in the slow cooker all afternoon.

For the pitas, we used Tyler Florence's recipe. The hummus was a Hubs creation, using garbanzo beans, home-made tahini (which is really just ground up sesame seeds and totally not worth the $7s a jar grocery stores charge), garlic and salt. We cooked the pitas on a pizza stone on the grill and were foodgeeking out over the fact that they really puffed and had pockets just like real, actual pitas.

As you can see, one recipe makes a boatload of pita bread and we totally overshot on our hummus needs.

The best part was the addition of zatar seasoning. It's a Middle Eastern blend of sumac, sesame seeds, thyme and salt that perks up anything it touches. We're seriously obsessed. There have been talks to a zatar seasoned burger with tzatiki or avocado. Gettin' pretty wild up in this kitchen.

Of course, after dinner, we acted like total nutsos and walked the cats around the patio. Niles loves the peonies almost as much as I do.

How was your weekend?


  1. I was wondering why Brittney had a sudden urge to buy Garbanzo beans at the grocery store. haha.

    - Matt


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