Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The basement gets it's day in the sun

Did you catch us on Remodelaholic today? Because that's where our sweet little basement landed. We're, um, kind of a big deal online.

But you knew that.

In real life, we at Bigger, Better, Best also roll in the big time and as such, have declared it summer vacation 'round these parts. We're getting crazy doing things like mowing the monster lawn, skimming the redneck pool of debris and riding lots of dubious hot pink bikes.

Pardon our hiatus. Sometimes, a gal just needs a moment to get her mind right before painting 1/4 of her garage a rainbow of sherbert colors.

Yes. That's happening. Eventually.

Hazy summer days are made for moving slow and around here, we like to let the weather make our important decisions.

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