Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't let that door hit you on the way out

 One of the first mini-projects since falling off the DIY wagon was to replace our janky bathroom door. Previous owners had put this poor thing through the ringer - painting it blue, installing a towel bar (did I mention this is your standard-issue hollow core door and therefore not suitable to bearing any weight?) and letting rusty hinge juice decorate the jamb.
 The towel bar did a real number on the poor door. It used to always fall out of the door, especially when we had guests who weren't used to the supreme ghettoness of our bathroom. In the picture below you can see the totally rockin' blue paint that used to cover not only the door, but the whole bathroom.
 So, we went off to Home Depot and bought a paneled door. Because our house is old and weird, the new door needed to be cut down a smidgey bit.
 Hubs and I got to get back into our respirators and goggles, which is a look I know I missed, so I'm guessing you missed this awesomeness in your daily blog visits, too, right?
How you doin'?

After some slicing and dicing, a little touch up paint, and a fancy new non-brass door knob, we couldn't help but fall breathless every time we caught a glimpse of the new bathroom door.

Cue the choir of angles!

In the spirit of easing back into DIY, we only did one of the three doors in our hallway. The two bedroom doors are still 50's slabs with brass door knobs and bad paint jobs.
In due time, bedroom doors. In due time.

I was really surprised how the panels made such a difference. the bathroom feels cottage-y and that slice of hallway feels new and bright. I'm officially in love with paneled doors.

Here's a really nerdy question: do you have a favorite type of door? I bet you do, nerd.


  1. I love 3-panel mission style doors.

  2. Do pocket doors count as a type? I would soooo love a house with pocket doors!


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